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Librespiral Bücherregal, Danese

Danese Danese


GERARDO MARì. Bücherregal auf rollen: struktur und konsolen aus lackiertem metallblech.

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Model: Librespiral Bücherregal
Marke: Danese

Librespiral is a small mobile bookcase composed of few and simple elements: a module rotates around the central structure and combines with another one.
Such modular design leads to simple productivity and realization. Yet, the bookcase is not trivial. The lines of the surfaces are not parallel but convergent, the apparent irregular sequence of the shelves, the diversity of the four sides give a special wavering to the shape.
A well-thought effect of almost imperceptible inclinations allows the user to move the books toward the centre of the structure and leave them in position also when the bookcase is rotated. The wisdom in the design makes it possible to keep the shelves very open. The structure, when reduced to the bare minimum, “disappears” leaving the books completely visible. On the other hand, they give an ever-changing shape to the structure.
Many small tops follow in a compact shape that takes advantage of the spaces to allow the user to subdivide and arrange books, DVDs and other small objects.
The bookcase may be moved and rotated quite easily due to its small size and the presence of wheels.
The last shelf is shaped differently so that it can close three quarters of the upper side and thus creates a small top.
The spaces between the shelves are identical in size but the angles at the two extremes of the bookcase are different. This is useful for placing a book that we want to call attention to or other small and medium objects we wish to display.
Librespiral is absolutely versatile and ideal for home use but also suitable for a working environment and public spaces. It is extremely resistant and its clean and basic style makes it a multipurpose product.

cm. 44 x 44 x 75 h

Librespiral Bücherregal, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.

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