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Kyudo Kleiderständer, Danese

Danese Danese


Francisco Gomez Paz, 2014. Mantel: Aluminium-Rahmen; Stahlstangen; Haken und massivem Ahornkappen.

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Model: Kyudo Kleiderständer
Marke: Danese

Francisco Gomez Paz, 2014. Kyudo-literally means “the way of the bow” in Japanese – is a structural principle, a system of elements that, when increasing the number, it can suit the space in different ways. Inspired by the original logic behind a bow, which stores the energy generated by the tension and then releasing the arrow, Francisco Gomez Paz uses this energy to create a system in equilibrium: a set of elements in permanent tension, which sustain each other in space. The basis of the system evokes a bow metaphorically and structurally – a simple industrial steel tube bent according to a geometrically defined profile to create and sustain tension -coupled with steel rods. The structure made of arches and ropes is light, suspended. The stability is not dependent on a mechanical fixing system, yet on balancing the opposing forces. Three arches kept in tension by a length of rope without ever coming into contact with each other, creating a stable and selfsupporting system. In the arches are inserted wooden hooks to increase functionality adding points to hang. The addition of further arches allows the structure to expand linearly in the space like a frame work. Kyudo doesn’t fall into a specific category, but it is so original that can be used in many different combinations so that people can interact with it, accommodating objects or hanging clothes.

cm. 50,5 x 50,5 x 178,5 h

Kyudo Kleiderständer, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.