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100% Coatstand Kleiderständer, Danese

Danese Danese



ROSS LOVEGROVE. Mantel: Auktion aus lackiertem Aluminium Rohr lichtgrau und gefaltet; Spun Aluminium-Basis.

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Model: 100% Coatstand Kleiderständer
Marke: Danese

100% Coatstand is a new product that enriches the 100% world that Ross Lovegrove is developing with Danese. The objective is to create a flexible an arrangement system composed of furniture and lighting that blends harmoniously and functionally with environments.
It is made of aluminium and only of one material like the rest of the product range.
An industrial semiworked tube is transformed into a very practical coat stand through simple work processes.
Through the cut and fold of the rod, hooks extend from the body of the structure. They extend pleasantly along the body of the coat stand, without any austerity.
It is ideal for jackets, long coats and accessories. Given its multiple height hooks, it is suitable for people of all ages.
It is made of long-lasting material and it is therefore suitable for all types of public and domestic environments.
Due to its distinctive and essential traits, it can enter any ambience offering a wide range of interpretations.
Though very expressive, its simplicity is evidence of no concern for appearances.
The holes for the hooks on the body of the coat stand create an effect of light and shade that makes 100% coat stand a constantly changing fresh-looking product.
100% project is in line with Danese’s principles of responsible innovation, flexibility, availability, durability and subtraction, that aim at preserving the environment.

cm. Ø 50 x 180 h

100% Coatstand Kleiderständer, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.